At the age of eight years Jörg Weidner started to pursue his interest in martial arts.

He started to train Karate under Sensei Reiner Wenzel. Later he started to train Thai- and Kickboxing. Also he engaged himself into learning Nin Jitsu over several years. A training partner introduced him to Ving Tsun which is characterized by comprehensible, logical and efficient movement an behavioural patterns.

He stuck to this chinese martial art.

Through his pedagogy studies in Bamberg he met Andreas Hoffman. Jörg Weidner qualified as teacher (chin. “Sifu”).

Additional teachers have been: Chiu Chi Ling (Head of a Hung Gar Style and master of Qigon / USA) Fu Shen Lung (Head of Fu Tai Chi / Kanada), Tang Chun Pak (Weng Chun Sifu and Grandson of the famous GM Tang Yick / Hongkong), Dr. Yang Jwing Ming (Qigong and Kung Fu master / USA)

With Flavio Behring, the companion of the legendary Gracie Helio Gracie founder and one of his few Blackbelts Joao Vasconcellos, he was able to gain his first experience with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and through Rickson Gracies student Romulus Barros he learned about the Gracie families interpretation of Brazilian jujitsu. For 20 years now he teaches Kung Fu. Many of his former students successfully manage their own schools today.

Jörg Weidner is one of four western pupils worldwide who is accepted and trained as a teacher (“Sifu”) in Hongkong by Tai Tak Lan Wing Chun Grandmaster and Qigong Sifu Cheng Kwong.

Sifu Jörg Weidner is running the Redboat Wing Chun Organization since 2006.

For a better link between his two great passions, martial arts and education, he graduated from the three-year training for Budo-Pedagogy by Dr. Jörg Wolters at the Department of Youth and Education in Gauting. Jörg Weidner is a founding member of the professional association of Budo-Pedagogues (BVBP).

In 2007 he founded the professional association of martial arts pedagogues (KKP). Through this platform, professionals of various professions are enabled to introduce their own focus, awareness, movement patterns and martial arts in a scientific way and promote the discipline of martial arts pedagogy.

 Martial arts pedagogy has been used successfully in different facilities for remedial teachings and in therapeutic facilities.

Jörg Weidner holds seminars, as well as in-house and advanced training about this subject. (Didacta, Training Centre Seitz, facilities for early childhood education, schools)

What is REDBOAT?

Redboat Wing Chun is a martial art that is based on principles developed by Shaolin monks. These principles allow you to deal better with stressful situations of daily life.


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