The task of the Redboat organization is to introduce people of all ages to the teachings of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Qigong which were perfected over centuries. These benefit the modern man dealing with stressful situations of daily life and lead to a healthier lifestyle and new self-confidence.

While learning a martial art, it is not the point to be fundamentally convinced that you are learning the best of all systems, but to understand the inner principles of the said system and to learn how to practice it correctly. This requires an open, astonished and curious mind. A martial art is always as positive "as the mind of the person who exercises." My views and efforts are confirmed by children, teenagers and adults, who live the philosophy of the martial art and integrate it into their lives impartially. It is this daily struggle of my students, which gives me inspiration for my own way.

The martial art REDBOAT Wing Chun gives the practitioner a practical tool to sharpen both the mind and the sensuality of the body. The transfer of principles into everyday life is not always possible, however, should be a priority objective of each practitioner.

Redboat, originating from southern Shaolin Monasteries offers the possibility of multi-functional applications:

  • top-level Sport
  • popular sport activity
  • self-defense
  • close combat system
  • medical preventive measure
  • or private method of self-conscious life.

Jörg Weidner

What is REDBOAT?

Redboat Wing Chun is a martial art that is based on principles developed by Shaolin monks. These principles allow you to deal better with stressful situations of daily life.


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